Water Reuse

juli 11

Water scarcity and sustainability are pressing issues around the globe.

As a leading water solutions company, we have embarked on a journey to address these challenges head-on by harnessing the power of water reuse.

Colubris’s efforts in developing water reuse pilot plants have produced some remarkable outcomes. One such example is the state-of-the-art Water Reuse pilot unit offered by Colubris. With application of membrane technologies like ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis, the 20 ft pilot unit has capacity of approx. 2 m3/h. Basically, it’s a plug and play container so the user doesn’t have to make numerous changes. It also incorporates glass filters and coagulant dosing pumps. For the treatment technologies, it can be used in different combination or single step as well which gives the user freedom to choose the pre-treatment based on their requirement. With the filters, it also offers NTU measurement at inlet and backwash capabilities for the ultrafiltration. Implementing these technologies results in not only decreasing the load on the post treatment further but also generates high quality permeate. This permeate holds huge potential for reuse in the industries. It acts as a design tool for full scale CAPEX and OPEX. The pilot is also equipped with Worldwide GSM Modem connection to keep track of operation and monitor remotely. Besides this, Colubris also offers a brine concentrator for concentrating wastewater in a 40 ft container whilst implementing reverse osmosis as the treatment technology. This can concentrate wastewater from 5 % TDS to 18-20 % TDS.
By implementing water reuse strategies, we can significantly reduce the demand for freshwater sources, ultimately easing the strain on local water supplies. Our Water Reuse Pilot Plant provides an innovative solution that enables industries to take a step towards sustainably while minimizing their environmental footprint. Water reuse offers a large number of benefits such as including reduced water consumption, lower wastewater discharge, and decreased reliance on freshwater sources. Furthermore, also reducing the post treatment energy consumption. With the permeate generated from the pilot plant, manufacturers can reduce their water footprint and increase their overall operational efficiency. Water reuse has emerged as a game-changer for the industries worldwide, offering a viable solution to address water scarcity and sustainability challenges. Our Water Reuse Pilot Plant represents a significant step towards achieving a an efficient as well as a responsible water management system. Let us join hands and pave the way for a future where water is cherished, conserved, and reused for a better world and a better tomorrow.
As Dr. Mark van Loosdrecht said: “Water is the silent force that shapes our planet, carving landscapes and nurturing ecosystems. Its properties and behavior hold profound insights that unlock the wonders of nature”