Collaboration between Colubris Cleantech and taaas BV

juli 17

Colubris Cleantech, Netherlands, and taaas BV,  Belgium, have signed an agency agreement for engineering and constructing bioresource solutions for the vegetable and food processing industry, to upcycle residual flows from their production processes.

“I’m truly delighted to announce the expansion of our partner network, with the agreement with taaas BV in the Benelux. This collaboration strengthens our knowledge of and presence in the fast-developing market of alternative proteins. The Benelux food industry has always been an early adopter to sustainable technology and Colubris Cleantech intends to actively contribute to this with innovative solutions. Let’s close the loop together is our company tagline”, says Frank Tillmann (CEO Colubris Cleantech).

Piet Deceunynck (CEO taaas BV): “Following the collaboration with Colubris Cleantech, we offer the engineering and construction of complete bioresource solutions, for the upcycling of plant based proteins from organic waste streams. This is very complementary with the continuous mixing lines (Sobatech) and the 3D-extrusion technique (Source Technology) used to process plant based proteins into meat successors. With this new partnership taaas BV is focusing on those companies investing in the transition from animal protein to a larger share of plant based protein”.