Water Solutions

Solutions for industrial wastewater treatment and decentralized municipal wastewater treatment.

Waste Solutions

Solutions to separate, purify, reuse and upgrade solid waste.

Bioresource Solutions

Solutions for upgrading residual flows from the food and vegetable processing industry.

Wastewater, waste recycling and bioresource solutions

We are a reliable partner in the industrial sector and offer profitable solutions for complex environmental issues involving wastewater, waste and bioresources. We are able to offer total solutions thanks to our modern production factory, know-how, experienced engineers and project management skills. We fabricate all our equipment in our own Colubris production factory in the Netherlands. ISO certified: ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and Certification VCA**.


We have gained experience in a wide range of sectors where an important role is played by (waste)water treatment, waste recycling and separation of components from bioresources.

5 benefits

For high classified industrial wastewater treatments 

30%Water reuse

for operations, with a maximum of 50% return


Plant proteins from water lentills. The fastest growing plant on earth. 

0% Waste onion residue

onion flavoured protein-enriched fraction

We are Colubris Cleantech


A privately owned Dutch company with over 40 years' experience in separation and purifying technologies. We offer a complete range of products and processes for Water, Waste and Bioresource solutions. We design, manufacture and construct complete systems. From a simple screen to the integration of the most advanced technologies aimed to generate value from waste. From idea to turnkey realization. 
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