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Reducing impact of wastewater treatment, while complying with effluent demands.

Meat industry in the USA

The nation’s first WWTP that is both ecologically and economically sustainable.

This company is a vertically coordinated company in the United States, and is involved in agriculture, food production, logistical services and transport. After creating a responsive pork production system, the group can concentrate on using a sustainable system to supply products of the highest quality to its partners, while also offering advanced solutions that simplify the activities of these partners.
These installations are suitable for primary, secondary (biological) and tertiary wastewater treatments. The first wastewater purification system we produced for this meat company was delivered back in 1989. We then developed a new factory for the same company in 2016.

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Effluent is treated to allow partially re-use, while the remainder is not discharged cleaner than need be.

Colubris Cleantech

Wastewater purification systems

In 1989, the aim was to purify water by spending as little as possible. In 2016, the aim was to reduce the accompanying costs and to generate profits.  Although the new installation, which included mechanical and biological processes, resulted in a more expensive system, it was accompanied by extremely high yields. The system is actually unique in American terms.

The system does not incur more costs than necessary. It complies with the strictest environmental requirements and is able to deal with three times more waste water than its initial design. It thus boasts the lowest possible operating costs in the world. In addition, it can also remove fats and proteins separately, which is unique.

Profitable Solution

  • Protein and fat are recovered (revenue source), rather than decomposed (costs).
  • Effluent is treated to allow (partially) reuse.
  • Fully automated system to ensure maximum performance minimizing labor requirement.
  • Designed for minimal operating costs.
  • Over half the costs compared to conventional systems currently in operation at most US slaughterhouses.

About this project

Customer: Meat Processing
Time frame: The solution was introduced in 2017


  • Capacity 6000 m3/d; 250.000 p.e.
  • 30% Water reuse for operations, with a maximum of 50% return.

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