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Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants

Since 1984 Colubris Water Solutions designs, manufactures and constructs wastewater treatment plants for the food and non-food industry and decentralised municipal sewage works. Whether discharge will be to a local sewage works, surface water, irrigation, factory reuse or to produce potable water quality, Colubris Cleantech has the knowledge and experience to design a project to meet nearly any standard. And we do this worldwide. We have thousands of references around the globe where we can demonstrate our capabilities.

Tailor-made solutions for wastewater treatments

Almost every effective wastewater purification installation requires a tailor-made approach. The first step involves a thorough analysis of all wastewater flows and going all the way upstream to identify the source of the pollution.

Our engineers then do everything to find the best solution for your specific situation. We are able to do this thanks to a comprehensive team of very experienced and highly qualified professionals.

We can always guarantee the most effective solution for your wastewater flows, thanks to our knowledge, experience and the latest equipment.

Flumes systems

The flume system is developed for instantly removal of all vegetable cuttings and waste of the production departments concerned in the fresh cut industry.

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