Construction & Demolition Waste

Demolition waste is mostly crushed heavy fractions, like asphalt, concrete, tiles and aggregates. The rest mostly consists of wood, RFD and metals. Construction waste is much lighter. Construction waste mostly consists of waste materials, packaging, and rubble from a construction or renovation. It contains wood (clean and treated), paper, plastic, sand, metals, carpeting, glass, concrete, and aggregates. The compositions of these waste streams differ as the origin differs. Up to 95% of the total mass can be re-used in or as a product.
For the construction and demolition industry several options are possible. One of the most common reusable products in construction and demolition waste flows are aggregates. Clean aggregates can be reused as a foundation material in road constructions, as a gravel substitute in concrete or as a trenchfill material.

We developed two kinds of separating and cleaning equipment for these aggregates, namely the windshifters (cleaning with air) and the drum washers (cleaning with water).  

With our sorting line it is possible to get much more out of your waste flow. Our sorting lines can separate your waste flow and produce materials like wood, metals, plastics, RDF, soil and aggregates.

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