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Bioresource Solutions

We design biorefineries to recover proteins and dietary fibres from waste and by-products from the food and vegetable processing industry.

Our expertise in bioresource solutions

With over 40 years' experience we possess a comprehensive team of experts capable of addressing the most complex issues in the field of bioresource
We create innovative products for bioresource solutions and have experience in a wide range of industries.

Tailor-made bioresource solutions for the food and vegetable processing industry

The minimum plant capacity is 2 tonnes per hour - upto a multiple of that. The raw material input can be onions, cabbage, carrots, parsnips, spinach, duck weed, water lentils, pumpkin, elephant grass, spent grain or any other high fibre/protein material. This can be the whole product, peelings or processing waste. Our experts can advise you if your material if suitable for this process.

The final products out of the biorefinery process are protein/umami powder, powdered dietary fibre, concentrated sweet water and clean clear water available for reuse.

A variety of clients

Our customers are all over the world. We adapt our biorefinery process to the availability of local raw material and to seasonal impact. Our flexible design allows that a variety of products can be processed by the same biorefinery plant, based on availability and source of raw material. The final products out of the process can be adjusted to meet end user quality and volume requirements.