Dairy Industry

Depending on the type of production, for example bottled milk, hard cheese, soft cheese, milk powder, yoghurt, ice-cream and butter, the characteristics of wastewater from milk processing operations can vary significantly.

Cleaning-in-Place of its processing equipment is the dairy industry’s main source of wastewater. The CIP processes cause large pH fluctuations and release fats and proteins to the cleaning water. Its wastewater resembles the raw materials it uses and the products it makes, containing the same valuable proteins and fats. Spent batches, returned products and whey from cheese production are sometimes added to this. This fact opens the door to a whole different approach to wastewater treatment.

Most pollutants are in the emulsified and dissolved from, partly due to CIP and a relatively high temperature of the flushing water. This requires a more complex treatment than just a basic removal of free fats. For example a treatment that uses chemical conditioning to break emulsions in order to facilitate their removal and/or biological treatment. 

Each dairy processing operation therefore requires a customer-specific approach, and as a consequence, each wastewater treatment system has to be designed according to the customer-specific situation. Colubris Cleantech produces compact, efficient and highly adaptable systems to remove pollution from the wastewater at an affordable cost level and wherever possible to recover valuable materials.

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