Depending on the type of process, the petrochemical industry usually releases wastewater on a rather considerable scale, for example oil contaminated water coming from oil tank storage areas, cleaning water from oil tanker discharge, rundown water from refinery surfaces and wastewater coming from the actual refining processes, such as from catalytic cracking. 

Most pollutants present in the water are in the free and emulsified form, usually a smaller part can be in the dissolved form. Besides static separation of free oils, this requires a more complex treatment, for example a treatment that uses chemical conditioning to break emulsions in order to facilitate their removal and/or biological treatment. 

Each petrochemical plant therefore requires a customer-specific approach, and as a consequence, each wastewater treatment system has to be designed according to the customer-specific situation.
Colubris produces compact, efficient and highly adaptable systems to remove pollution from the wastewater at an affordable cost level.

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