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Colubris Corporate Profile

Colubris Cleantech is a combination of three divisions, each specialists who work independently for selected issues, but also collaborate to create big impact with smart solutions. To ensure the best quality from idea to realisation, we fabricate all our equipment in our own Colubris production factory in the Netherlands.

Effectively reducing your burden on the environment

Our aim is to considerably decrease the costs associated with your waste issues. In this regard, we have been a reliable partner in the industrial sector for over 40 years. We are an exceptional organisation with solutions in three segments:

  • Water Solutions
  • Waste Solutions
  • Bioresource Solutions

We are not saying we are changing the world, but we guarantee that we stimulate others that will change the world

G.W. van den Hurk
Founder - Owner Colubris Cleantech

Our solutions

Water Solutions
Solutions for reducing wastewater problems, reusing water and
purifying water. Solutions to recover energy from wastewater.

Waste Solutions
Solutions that allow waste flows to be separated so they can be reused
and upgraded.

Bioresource Solutions
Solutions for upgrading residual flows from the food and vegetable processing industry.

These solutions help us to offer answers to the complex issues encountered in today’s world. No two waste flows are alike and standard solutions are often insufficient. That is why we develop, engineer and construct systems that meet your specific needs and challenges.