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Almost all effective and efficient lines require a tailor-made approach. The first step involves thoroughly analysing water and waste flows, e.g. by inventorying volumes. Our engineers then do everything to find the best solution for your specific situation.

Mechanical engineering

Is the technical backbone of our durable, “closing the loop together” goal with our customers. Our engineers are well trained and are eager to advise and assist with our customers’ technical challenges. Our department has a variety of mechanical and process engineers in all different levels and experience. They have trained themselves, or have a favourite specialism in which they excel. That knowledge gives us the edge why our customers are loyal and like to work with our engineers.

Our solutions

Our goal is to engineer machinery and our systems the first time right. We are a team of engineers, who share their knowledge to improve our products and in the meantime meet our customers’ demands. We communicate to be effective and break it down in small manageable parts. We are constantly aware and ask ourselves over and over again the same question: how we can engineer more modularly, how we can improve our designs., Our engineers engineer for an international community, and are innovative with our high quality systems. Our goal is to contribute with our engineering to a cleaner world.

Electrical Engineering:

As every project is tailor-made to provide the customer with the best technical solution for his process the control panels are customized too. All the Hardware-, Software design and SCADA systems are developed by our specialists at our headquarters in Winterswijk.

Our solutions

Nowadays the trends regarding electrical design are constantly changing.
We monitor these latest novelties and trends closely and incorporate these after thoroughly testing in our well documented and proven design standard.
From this standard every project is basically built to ensure a trouble-free commissioning/start-up.
We also like to think along with our customers. Therefore additional or customer-specific parts can be incorporated in the design.

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