Meat & Poultry Processing

Meat & poultry processing plants generate a mix of different wastewaters, most plants treat the resulting mixture, assuming that combined end-of-pipe treatment will result in the lowest total investment cost. This hypothesis is generally true when public sewer discharge limits needs to be achieved. For these cases we offer a whole range of affordable end-of-pipe wastewater treatment systems.

However, when surface water discharge limits need to be achieved or low treatment costs per m3/gallon are desired, it may be more cost effective to install specific pre-treatment systems for several process water streams. 

Regardless of the effluent demands that need to be achieved, the pollution in this industry is caused by inherently valuable substances, like fats, proteins and plant nutrients like ammonia and phosphorus. Conventional treatment strategies remove these as worthless mixed sludge’s, however when removing the components individually, valuable products are produced that are able to cover most if not all of the wastewater treatment costs.

Colubris business strategy evolves around creating and implementing solutions for the circular economy, helping our clients to change their perception of their wastewater treatment system.
The foul economic problem of years gone past is actually a potential revenue resource!

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