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One of the leading producers of soft cheeses

Cheese producer

Wastewater purification systems

This project was created for one of the biggest producer of soft cheeses in the Republic of Belarus.
This factory makes a lot of products for export abroad, which means that all systems need to have a quite high standard. This philosophy applies to wastewater treatment technologies as well. That is why we where invited for making a project, for producing the equipment and for giving quality guarantees of the discharge parameters of the wastewater.

The quantity and the quality of polluted water strictly depends on what kind of cheese is produced. That has been taken into account when the wastewater treatment plant was designed. Our system is suitable for water with sugar and for acidic water, with large and small amounts of whey.

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Profitable solution

  • 2 effective DAF units for removing almost all fat.
  • Aerated buffer tank with mixing to keep a homogenous suspension and to avoid bad smells.
  • Robust continuous aerobic 2-tank system.
  • Biological sludge is separated from wastewater using a DAF unit, suitable to operate under severe climate conditions. Traditional settlement tanks are not suitable for cold climate.

About this project

Customer: Dairy processing
Time frame: The project was completed in 2017


  • High concentration of different kinds of fat (dissolved fats).
  • Varying daily and hourly volumes of wastewater.
  • Very polluted water from production of various soft cheeses.
  • High concentration of whey.
  • Plants design for 6 000 m3/day.

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