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Onions processing company was looking for extra business model

The Netherlands


An onion processing company was looking for a solution to process waste streams, in addition to supplying onion products. The residual waste streams always entered the digester, but it became a considerable expense.
We as a company focus on extracting high-quality protein or fiber from crop residues, such as onion peelings. This knowledge and craftsmanship was good for Colubris Cleantech to make this case a success.

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We meet the industrial desire for clean labels. Because the product finds a ready market in hearty formulated food products, and is a good alternative to several E-number food additives.

Colubris Cleantech

Profitable Solution

Together with a partner, Colubris Cleantech has developed a machine which converts residual waste from onions to valuable substances, such as proteins, dietary fibers and raw materials. Think of color and flavor enhancers for the ingredients market.

We do more than onions

Water Lentills grows like cabbage and contains valuable proteins. Being the process technology specialist of a partnership, Colubris Cleantech developed a technology to extract functional protein from the water plant. Functional protein is suitable as a binding agent for all kinds of foods, such as hamburgers, soups and mayonnaise.

About this project

Customer: Onion peel factory
Time frame: The solution was introduced in 2016


  • the fibers can be processed in different kinds of bread or (vega) meat.
  • the powdered extracts can be used as a replacement flavor enhancer (umami effect).
  • the powdered extracts can reduce salt in a natural way by replacing current flavor enhancers.

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