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One of the biggest producer of chicken and red meat

In Russia

Wastewater purification systems

Belgorod region is one of the most developed agricultural regions in Russia. A lot of new agrocomplexes, meat and milk processing factories are situated here. Many European companies are busy here with work as a result. And one of the best and largest companies entered into to a design and build contract with Redox Water Technology.

The factory still growing and that is why the further expansion of production will take place. The treatment process is designed to adapt to future increase of flows and pollution. The another design challenge was that poultry and red meat processing produce different wastewater, which needs to be treated differently.

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Redox Water Technology solved this problem for the client. Redox Water Technology designed and built a heavy duty screen, followed by a special designed advanced compact physical/chemical treatment, tailor-made, to use as a primary treatment for both the poultry as the red meat processing plant. This advanced process can be extended with a biological treatment step at any later date.

Colubris offers a wide range of solutions of the most developed agricultural regions in Russia.

Colubris Cleantech

Profitable Solution

  • Heavy-duty rotary drum screen installed to prevent as fast as possible sedimentation of solids .
  • Aerated and mixed buffer tank is to balance peak flows and to avoid anaerobic activity.
  • Open type of flotation system with a bottom auger to remove any accumulated sediments.

About this project

Customer: poultry processing and pig/cattle slaughther house
Time frame: The project was completed in 2009


  • Mixed water from poultry industry (40%) and from red meat industry (60%).
  • Big amount of pollution in dissolved form.
  • High concentration of fat.
  • Big amount of water (3 200 m3/day).

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