Flotation unit, type KWF


The KWF flotation units are very compact due to the use of plate packs, they remove in an efficient manner suspended solids, oil and grease and other (flocculated) materials. The plate packs increase the effective separation surface, resulting in better separation and a smaller required floor area.

The entire design of the KWF series is based on avoiding disturbances, making creating steday and laminar flow in the entire unit. The KWF unit is furthermore equipped with a very efficient micro aeration system.

In addition to a very effective micro aeration system, the KWF, is equipped with a stainless steel sedimentauger, installed over the entire base of the unit, which removes sand and other sediment materials effectively. All this results in the most efficient separation process, outperforming even larger, more expensive contemporary systems.

Options & typical applications of the KWF


• Automatic micro bubble diffuser cleaning system
• Construction materials other than standard AISI 304
• Stainless steel hinged cover

Typical applications

• Petrochemical industry
• Poultry processing industry
• Textile industry
• Fish processing industry
• Dairy industry
• Food industry

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