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Waste processor was looking for an alternative to improve sorted household waste


A waste processor in Lithuanian Alytus was looking for an alternative to sort the domestic waste better. This waste was simply dumped in the past, and that had to be dealt with differently. However, household waste contains more plastic, metal and biological material in the waste streams and requires a different processing technique than normal recycling. Colubris Cleantech investigated the situation on location and evaluated the requirements and possibilities for a tailor-made sorting line.

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For many years, we have been developing, producing and installing complete sorting lines for various waste streams. From these waste streams our sorting lines distil materials for a second phase

Colubris Cleantech

Profitable Solution

The sorting line was developed and manufactured in-house and assembled on-site. The system was commissioned and handed over tot the customer early 2015.

Input material: Municipal Solid Waste
Capacity: up to 25 t/h

Applied processes
Shredder - A shredder cuts material to manageable size.
Screens - Sorting waste by size.
Magnets - Magnets remove ferrous-metals from the waste stream.
Windshifter - Sorting waste by density.
NIR - Analyses the material on the basis of infra-red light and removes the selected material by air nozzles.
Baler - Compacts the light material (plastics) into transportable bales.
Wrapper - Automatically wraps bales with foil.

Organic waste is being digested. Metals and non-ferrous metals, as well as the plastic bales are sold. This results in only a fraction of the waste being landfilled.

About this project

Customer: Waste processor company Lithuania
Time frame: The solution was introduced in 2013


  • Additional shredder.
  • Additional wind installation.
  • Separate different fractions.

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