Minimum dosing, maximum results

Improved SmartDose

SmartDose saves money and ensures maximum performance

SmartDose matches the coagulant dosing to the removable pollution fraction in the wastewater, minimizing coagulant consumption, minimizing sludge production, the two main running costs components in wastewater treatment.

SmartDose automates and optimizes coagulant dosing in wastewater treatment. Forgoing the need for frequent manual monitoring and -dosing adjustment. SmartDose seamlessly integrates with existing plants.

How does SmartDose work?

SmartDose continuously measures the water quality between the flocs post-coagulation and flocculation. Improvement in water quality prompts a reduction in coagulant dosing while worsening prompts an increase in coagulant dosing.

“We at Ameco, are pleased with the added value of Colubris SmartDose. We observed significant savings in chemical expenditure, our operator shifted his attention away from chemical dosing monitoring to other tasks, and above all, the disposal cost savings of the reduced sludge production realized by SmartDose. All these contributed significantly to achieving the goals outlined in Ameco’s CSR policy.”

William Jekel
Maintenance Manager at Ameco

Eco mode & Performance mode

SmartDose now incorporates two functions:
Eco mode, and Performance mode.
Eco mode | Reduces coagulant dosage to a user-defined minimum while still removing most emulsified pollution
• Performance mode | Enables SmartDose to operate autonomously, ensuring maximum removal of pollutants without coagulant overdosing


Applicable for all emulsion-removal-based wastewater treatment processes.
Examples of industries with significant emulsified pollution fractions:
• Slaughterhouses & meat processing
• Fish processing & fish meal
• (Petro)chemical industry
• Textile, printing & dyeing
• Rendering & pet food
• Pulp & paper
• Dairy



• Avoids (preventive) coagulant overdosing
• Indirectly reduces neutralizer consumption
• Indirectly reduces flocculant consumption
• 20% to 30% lower chemical consumption
• 15% to 30% lower sludge production
• Forgoes the need for a buffer tank
• Reduces operator involvement
• No calibration required
• Low maintenance


Standard feature

• Data visualization - Dashboard displaying key performance metrics incl. coagulant usage
• Remote supervision - SmartDose comes with a built-in camera
• Remote access - Remote process optimization


Optional feature

  •  Graphic visualization of coagulant consumption over time

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