FlotMaster – Flotation unit

Removes fat, oils, grease, suspended solids and sediment.


The design has an optimal inlet distribution, a controlled micro air buble formation and plate packs increasing the surface area and therefore the separation efficiency.

The flotation units are robustly built and characterised by large "free surface" areas. For wastewater containing large solids contents, the design provides sufficient retention time for separation and pre-dewatering of the skimming.

The units have been designed for wastewater with COD contents of 10 000 mg/l and higher. In the same system, suspended solids, fat, oil, grease and other dispersed and/or flocculated materials are removed, as well as settled materials.

Typical features are the very efficient micro aeration system and a stainless steel sediment transport auger operating over the entire base of the flotation system.

The complete design of the FlotMaster ystems is based on elimination of hydraulic disturbances, resulting in a complete stable and laminar flow at all cross sections of the system. Depending on the application, specially with respect to the solids amount to be removed, either a special multistage gas/liquid pump or a pressure vessel type saturation unit is applied to generate a supersaturated water/air (gas) mixture.

Technical details of the FlotMaster

Simple to use

Automatic purging of aeration nozzles to remove pollution build-up

Automatic sediment discharge

Bottom of the flotation unit has a sludge auger which automatically discharges the sediment.

Relatively dry sludge

The static thickener and low speed scraper drive allow effective water drainage from the sludge. 

Self-cleaning aeration nozzles

  • Automatic, timer controlled opening of the aeration valves prevents internal build-up of pollution, thus preventing loss of aeration capacity and enhancing operational continuity.
  • Cleaning sequence adjustable by timer, to adjust for variations in cleaning requirements.
  • the system eliminates the need for fruequent operator intervention, hereby increasing operational security
  • Very quick start-up

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