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Wastewater treatment system for a large meat processing company

Meat industry in North America

About the customer

Our customer distributes and markets refrigerated foods such as meats (including chicken, turkey and pork), cheeses and a range of other products. The company’s target group includes families, hotels and restaurant chains, hospitals, schools and other sectors in North and South America.

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Redox Water Technology is a member of the Colubris Cleantech group of companies and has been a global supplier of (waste)water treatment systems for more than 35 years. These installations are suitable for primary, secondary (biological) and tertiary wastewater treatment, including water reuse systems.

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“The treated wastewater is reused in the factory, saving thousands of litres precious drinking water.”

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The capacity of the customer’s previous wastewater treatment system no longer met requirements. In order for the company to continue to comply with the discharge regulations, a state-of-the-art Redox Water Technology wastewater treatment system was installed.

Profitable Solution

  • In collaboration with our partner UCY Mexico, Redox Water Technology designed and constructed a wastewater and sanitary water treatment system. Filters are installed to take the larger solids out and DAF units to separate large parts, fats and floating material from the wastewater. This process of followed by advanced biological treatment and tertiary treatment.
  • To achieve a lower energy consumption, the customer opted for in-depth aeration by means of efficient turbo compressors.
  • The various sludge flows are thickened on site in order to minimise transport costs.
  • The entire system is fully automated for optimal performance. The purification process can be monitored remotely in real-time via the Internet.

About this project

Customer: meat processing company
Location: North America 
Time span: Overall contract period was 6 months. The wastewater treatment system was handed-over to the customer in 2019.


  • Capacity 1200 m3/day.
  • The site where the water treatment system has been installed lies as much as 2.3 km above sea level.
  • At least 20 m3 of water is reused every hour, which saves on factory’s overall water consumption.
  • Redox Water Technology designs treated wastewater to meet local and site specific requirement.
  • Let’s close the loop together.

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