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Sewer Discharge

Discharge into sewers mostly requires the industrial discharger to meet the standards set by the local sewage works. Depending on the capacity and technology used at the local sewage works, a simple screening system may be sufficient.

However, mostly it requires to take out all solids, fat & greases and 50-80% of the BOD/COD. We can assist you in your meetings with the local authorities to define an acceptable discharge standard, with the lowest of OPEX and CAPEX for you.

The wastewater that is produced can be discharged when organisations ensure that this is without any adverse effects. The reason why, is because coarse particle and fats can clog sewers and affecting other businesses or households that discharge to the same sewer. The big responsibility lies on the party that causes the problem.
We offer various type of biological and tertiary treatment systems to meet even the most stringent standards.

Some of our solutions:

  • Filter systems for the removal of coarse particles.
  • Flotation units including a dosing system of coagulant and flocculant to remove emulsions, in addition to fats, settleable and suspended particles.
  • Flotation units for the removal of fat, settleable particles and suspended particles.
Discharge to sewer

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