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Water Solutions

There are many processes available to treat water. But only one will hurt your profit margin the least. As a manufacturer of almost all processes in use in water treatment, Colubris Cleantech indentifies the treatment costs of different processes in your situation and you will know how to make affordable clean water!

Smart and complete solutions for industrial wastewater

We think this can be done in a smarter and more effective manner. We will be pleased to assist you in realising a healthy margin. This is possible because we specialise in a wide range of separation techniques. Your sector, application and specific requirements for water discharge will be taken into account when implementing e.g. mechanical, physical, biological and/or tertiary purification techniques for your industrial wastewater. Each individual process has been developed so maximum returns are realised, at the lowest possible operating costs, when treating your wastewater flows. 

Our experience with the most heavily polluted water

With over thirty years’ experience, we possess a comprehensive team of experts capable of addressing the most complex issues in the field of water purification. We have been producing and installing wastewater purification installations since the late Eighties. Our installations are able to purify even the most heavily polluted waste water, thus allowing clean water to return to its natural cycle. Our installations are suitable for primary, secondary (biological) and tertiary wastewater treatments.