Flotation units, type KCL

The KCL flotation units are designed to treat large wastewater flows for the removal of suspended solids, oil, fat, grease and other dispersed and/or flocculated materials with micro flotation.

The KCL units are very compact due to the use of plate separating technology working in accordance with both counter current and cross flow principles.

The unique design allows the wastewater flow to be divided over all plate packs sections separately, resulting in optimal separation efficiency. Sand and other settling materials are removed using a stainless steel transport auger operating over the entire base of the KCL units.


  • unique clogg free aeration (patent pending);
  • multistage gas-liquid with pressure cilinder pump or air saturation pressure vessel;
  • construction materials then standard AISI 304;
  • stainless steel hinged cover

Typical applications:

  • Meat & Poultry Processing;
  • Fish Processing;
  • Dairy Industry;
  • (Petro)-Chemical Industry;
  • Pulp and paper Industry;
  • Textile Industry.