Dissolved Air Flotation CPL/PWL type

The CPL and PWL flotation units are designed to treat wastewater with a high COD contents. Furthermore, suspended solids, fats, oil, grease and other floating materials will be removed.

The CPL and PWL units are designed to achieve a complete laminar flow through the unit, this way optimal separation of the particles takes place.

The flotation unit consists of a flotation tank equipped with the special "low friction" inlet compartment, an aeration system and a sedimentation discharge system with sludge compartment. The unique sedimentation discharge system contains a skimmer with static sludge thickener which results in a high dry solids load of the floating sludge.

 Furthermore the flotation unit can be equipped with a unique self cleaning aeration system. In general an AISI 316 recirculation pump is used to prevent corrosion.

Depending on the type of wastewater a PWL unit (with auger) or a CPL unit (without auger) is applied.  


  • very suitable for highly polluted wastewater;
  • easy in maintenance;
  • units up to 80 m3/h can be transported in standard sea container;
  • units can be easily converted into sludge thickeners.