Biological Treatment System, type BIOCON

Our biological wastewater treatment system, type BIOCON is designed to treat wastewater capacities in standard systems from 50 to 500 population equivalent. For higher capacities the systems can be multiplied, hence if needed the installed system can be easily extended.

A traditional activated sludge plant is designed to enable a continuous process to take place. This plant is composed of at least two parts: an aeration tank and a settling or clarification tank. This process incorporates recycling of settled activated sludge from the settling tank to the aeration tank. The mixing, aeration and settling operations are simultaneous, but are performed in different parts of the system.

As a contrast the SBR plant is operated intermittently and consequently accepts without difficulty, a discontinuous raw water feed. The whole plant consists of only one tank equipped with an aeration system and necessary control equipment. There is no sludge recycling, since the required activated sludge remains permanently in the tank. All processes take place in this one tank, but one after another in successive stages.

This design makes it possible to supervise and control the consecutive process steps independently by means of a central control unit, which requires practically no supervision.