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Reuse and purfication of wastewater.

Plastic recycling in Southeastern Europe

About the customer

Two Dutch companies, including Colubris Cleantech,  combined their efforts with a local partner to recycle plastic waste in Southeastern Europe and, in doing so, make the world a little better.

These installations are suitable for primary, secondary (biological) and tertiary wastewater treatment.

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To produce in a fully circular manner, the process starts at a Dutch recycling company, where plastic waste is collected from large companies and distribution centres. The waste is then transported to Southeastern Europe, where it is sorted, washed and reprocessed into recyclates. In the past, this was done in large volumes in China. Nowadays, only a small percentage is shipped to destinations in Asia. The majority is now sent to the incinerators in Europe. By recycling in Europe under own management, our customer can create a closed loop, thereby guaranteeing high quality. This also contributes to local jobs and development and, moreover, is less damaging for the environment.

This recycling process uses water to wash the waste materials. By treating the wastewater with various treatment techniques, nearly all water can be reused. The small amount of wastewater that cannot be reused is purified biologically, so that it can be safely discharged to the surface water.

“Valorisation of waste by using recovered wastewater. Let’s close the loop together.”

Colubris Cleantech

Profitable solution

  • With a combination of coarse filtration, advanced sedimentation system and fine filtration, over half of the water can be reused directly.
  • The downstream Dissolved Air Flotation technique removes the smallest contaminants from the wastewater and the remaining water can nealy be all reused in other parts of the process. 
  • The small amount of wastewater that cannot be reused is purified biologically before discharging to surface water.
  • This reuse of wastewater enables the optimal utilisation of every litre of water and minimum actual water consumption and reduces our customer’s OPEX.

About this project

Customer: Plastic recycling
Time frame: 2019


  • Capacity of 70 m3/hour - 1680 m3/day
  • Combines use of 5 wastewater treatment techniques for optimal results
  • 97% of the wastewater is reused
  • The remaining water is treated biologically

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