Colubris Cleantech takes over Blue-tec

March 01

Colubris Cleantech from Winterswijk in The Netherlands has strengthened its portfolio in the field of environmental technology by acquiring BLUE-tec, a specialist in membrane technology. BLUE-tec has been active on the global market for more than six years and has its own research facility in Wageningen. The company designs and builds membrane solutions for industrial and municipal wastewater, industrial processes and manure processing, with a focus on valorisiation of residual flows. The acquisition enables Colubris Cleantech to further expand its unique market position as a Dutch system provider of environmental technology worldwide. In addition to its modern factory in Winterswijk, Colubris Cleantech also uses its own service and sales offices abroad.
Frank Tillmann, CEO of Colubris Cleantech: "In addition to the shared vision of building a sustainable future, we strengthen each other in the field of environmental technology. We will now be even more complete in purifying water flows in an energy-efficient, circular way for industry and water boards and in recovering valuable residual flows. Joining forces and expanding our services in innovative membrane filtration technologies also offers great opportunities to quickly anticipate on changing customers’ requirements and deliver tailor-made solutions worldwide."
BLUE-tec will continue to operate under its own name with the branch in Wageningen. Lex van Dijk, founder of BLUE-tec: "The acquisition is an important next step for both parties. We have been working together for a long time and we concluded that we add a lot to each other in terms of technology, realisation and market opportunities. We are looking forward to this new cooperation."

Photo: Lex van Dijk - BLUE-tec and Frank Tillmann - Colubris Cleantech