Cross-flow separator PCS/CPS type

The PCS and CPS cross-flow separators are designed to separate settling parts like fibers, starch and sand from the wastewater.

Depending on the type of wastewater a PCS settler (executed with one or more sludge cones for the bottom sludge) or a CPS settler (executed with an auger sludge thickener for the bottom sludge) is applied.

Each separator is custom built. Depending on your wastewater stream, the number of plate packs, the plate distance, the distance between the plates and the plate inclination are calculated.
The PCS and CPS units are designed to treat wastewater flows from 1 up to 660 m3/hour per unit.

Process description
The wastewater enters the settler where it passes the plate pack in horizontal direction. The plates in the plate pack are placed close together which causes a laminar and stablef low. This results in optimal separation of the water and the suspended parts. Solids will sink through the plate pack and slide down the plates where they will be collected in the sludge compartment. The settled sludge will be transported by a bottom screw and will be periodically discharged through a valve.