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Your whole wastewater purification installation will be developed, produced and assembled in our own production facilities. This is possible thanks to extremely modern machinery and highly qualified employees. Our ISO certificate and the implemented LEAN principles make sure the highest quality norms are implemented when producing your wastewater purification installation. They also make sure costs always remain manageable. Furthermore, in keeping with our philosophy, we always produce our solutions in a sustainable and environment-friendly manner.

Your business process remains operational

The wastewater purification installation we deliver will be fully ‘turn key’. Machines will be installed, tested and commissioned at your premises by experienced engineers. Depending on the encountered complexity, installation can take anything between a few days and several weeks. Prior to installation, the whole line will normally be fully assembled and comprehensively tested in our production area, so activities at your company will not be delayed unnecessarily. This means your wastewater purification installation can be commissioned smoothly, without unnecessarily disrupting your business processes.

Careful commissioning

It is extremely important for your employees to correctly use your wastewater purification installation from the moment it is commissioned. That is why our machines have been designed in a very user-friendly manner.

The machines are also easy to access when it comes to maintenance and potential repairs. Naturally, we always supply a comprehensive user manual and provide training to make sure the machine is used correctly.

Discharge requirements

Communal and industrial wastewater must be purified in order to meet particular discharge requirements. In addition, we no longer only see wastewater as a waste product that needs purifying and processing; we also see it as a source of sustainable energy, raw materials and clean water.

In some cases, water needs to be reused immediately; in other cases, it can help to improve production capacity without using extra (ground) water.

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