When larger dirt particles cause congestion in the treatment system it causes damage to the equipment. Furthermore, dirt particles can also dissolve into the water, which will significantly increase the effect of the pollution in the system. This can be minimised by installing a filter system by Colubris Cleantech.
We provide the following filter systems

Rotary drum screen

The rotary drum screens are applied for separating solids from process and wastewater. The screens are robustly built and can be executed with a frequency-controlled drum drive, a high-pressure spray cleaning installation and/or can be made out of a more corrosion resistant construction material. The rotary drum screens are characterised by maximum separation efficiency against low running- and maintenance costs.

Rake screens

Rake screens are applied for separating solids from process water or wastewater. The water passes through a filtering grid made of bars, the solid parts are collected and conveyed by special cleaning combs to the top of the screen. The particular shaping of the bars allows expulsion of the solids and accurate cleaning of the combs. The rake screen solves the problem of separating solids from liquids in a reinforced concrete channel or in a dedicated stainless-steel housing.

Curved screens

Curved screens are applied for separating solids from process and wastewater. The curved screens are robustly built and require a minimum of maintenance and attention.
  • The raw wastewater is pumped over a curved, wedge wire, screen plate where separated particles slide down, due to gravity and the screened water leaves the screen via the outlet.
  • The screen can be equipped with a programmable spray cleaning device in case the wastewater contains fibre-like materials or fat.
  • For very heavy polluted wastewater, a vibrating screen plate can be installed in order to guarantee clog-free operation. 

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