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For the past thirty years, we have been devising, designing and installing detailed total solutions for purifying industrial water. People often forget that limiting wastewater flows is the most efficient and beneficial means of purification. That is why we always aim to limit and purify your wastewater flows.

Prevent, Reduce and Remove

Because the best results can only be achieved by structurally managing water consumption and by gaining insights into the sources of pollution.

Tailor-made solutions

Almost every effective wastewater purification installation requires a tailor-made approach. The first step involves a thorough analysis of all wastewater flows and going all the way upstream to identify the source of the pollution. Our engineers then do everything to find the best solution for your specific situation. We are able to do this thanks to a comprehensive team of very experienced and highly qualified professionals. We can always guarantee the most effective solution for your wastewater flows, thanks to our knowledge, experience and the latest equipment. 

Cost-conscious tailor-made solutions

The costs that accompany our effective solutions are always closely monitored during the design phase. For instance, we always try to realise the desired solution using as many standard components as possible.

By incorporating standard products into specific tailor-made solutions, it is possible to significantly reduce the cost of the final solution, without making concessions in quality or the preferences you have identified.

Maximum efficiency

Your sector or specific purpose determines whether we use, for example, mechanical, physical/chemical and/or biological water purification when treating your industrial wastewater. Our continuous and discontinuous purification approaches allow wastewater to be treated more thoroughly than ever before.

This means treated wastewater becomes so pure that it can be discharged directly into the sewer.

Discharge requirements

Communal and industrial wastewater must be purified in order to meet particular discharge requirements. In addition, we no longer only see wastewater as a waste product that needs purifying and processing; we also see it as a source of sustainable energy, raw materials and clean water.

In some cases, water needs to be reused immediately; in other cases, it can help to improve production capacity without using extra (ground) water.

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