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Sorting of Waste Flows

We develop, produce and install complete sorting lines for a variety of waste flows, such as industrial, household, construction and demolition waste, as well as recyclable products and compost. Our sorting lines make it possible to sort almost all materials based on weight and fraction size.

Sorting lines

Our sorting lines distil these waste flows so materials are given a second life; such materials include various types of plastics, metal, wood, paper, sand and stone. If these materials are reused, fewer raw materials are needed and less waste is disposed of unnecessarily.


Various sorting lines

A variety of sorting lines can be used, depending on your sector, application and requirements concerning waste recycling. This eventually results in an extremely high percentage of processed waste being reused. In some case, this can even exceed 98%.

Our sorting lines include components such as deposit hoppers, drum washers, windshifters, belt magnets, stretch deck screens, star screens and sorting cabins.

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