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Bioresource Solutions

Let’s make high value materials from biomass

There is a lot of residual value in the leftovers produced by the food and vegetable processing industry. It would be a shame to treat these leftovers as waste. That is why we are always developing techniques and systems for upgrading these residual materials. These so-called bio resource solutions can improve the efficiency of your core business, while actively contributing to a circular economy.

Tailor-made bio resource solutions for the food and vegetable processing industry

Our techniques allow leftovers from the food and vegetable processing industry to be converted into re-usable products. Such sources of raw materials include onion skin, spinach and water lentils. Our technology allows you to harvest new high-quality raw materials that can be used for new products and processes.

A variety of clients

Our specialised (sector) knowledge and experience means we have worked for a variety of clients over the years. That is why our references originate from such a wide range of sectors. 

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