Intelligent chemical dosing

What is SmartDose?
SmartDose is a system to automate and optimise coagulant dosing in wastewater treatment, aiming for:

  • A constant effluent quality.
  • Avoid overdoing.  
  • Reduce coagulant and neutraliser usage.  
  • Reduce sludge production.  
How does SmartDose work?
SmartDose continuously analyses the feed to the DAF. SmartDose measures if the coagulant dose rate is correct and adjusts the dose rate if and when required.
The advantages of SmartDose:
  • SmartDose measures at the beginning of the treatment process, so quick reaction times.  
  • SmartDose needs very little maintenance.  
  • No need for operator control of coagulant dosage.  
  • No need for calibration.  
  • No need for preventive overdosing.  
  • The setpoint will be set at the most economical point.  
  • 25-50% less chemical usage.  
  • 15-30% less sludge production.  
  • Only a small upstream balance tank required

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