Intelligent chemical dosing

SmartDose is a system to automate and optimise coagulant dosing in wastewater treatment, aiming for:
  • A constant effluent quality.

  • Avoid overdosing.

  • Reduce coagulant and neutraliser usage.

  • Reduce sludge production.

SmartDose continuously analyses the feed to the DAF. The system measures if the coagulant dosing rate is correct and automatically adjusts the dosing rate if and when required.

You can integrate our SmartDose within existing coagulation/flocculation applications such as dissolved air flotation (DAF), screw press and decanter.

How SmartDose works

SmartDose works in following order:

  1. Wastewater coming from production process is more or less constant, SmartDose makes small adaptations in order to keep effluent quality (blue line) at its setpoint.
  2. Incoming wastewater pollution increases, SmartDose automatically adapts chemical dosage in order to follow effluent quality setpoint.
  3. Incoming wastewater pollution decreases, SmartDose automatically adapts chemical dosage in order to follow effluent quality setpoint.


SmartDose measures at the beginning of the treatment process, so it guarantees quick reaction times and needs very little maintenance.

It also provides:

  • an automatic (and intelligence) operator control of coagulant dosage
  • a prevention of overdosing
  • no need for calibration
  • an economical setpoint
  • 25-30% less chemical usage
  • 15-30% less sludge production
The system only requires a small upstream balance tank.


  • Pilot test
  • Rental
  • Business case analyses

Typical applications

  • Meat processing industry
  • Food processing industry
  • Fish processing industry
  • Pet food processing industry
  • Confectionary industry
  • Sludge dewatering industry


Sewer Discharge

Discharge into sewers mostly requires the industrial discharger to meet the standards set by the local sewage works. Depending on the capacity and technology used at the local sewage works, a simple screening system may be sufficient.

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