Sedimentation System, type DCS/RCS

The cross flow separator systems permits very effective separation of settling materials like sand, fibres, etc. Raw water, containing suspended solids passes in horizontal direction between the closely spaced plates in the plate pack. Completely laminar flow conditions are established while the water flows across the plate pack from the inlet to the outlet side. Laminar and stable flow conditions are essential conditions for the effective gravity separation of the water and the suspended contaminants.

Solids move towards the bottoms of the corrugations and slide down the incline of the plate. From there, the separated solids are collected in the sludge compartment at the base of the separator to be transported by a shaftless spiral conveyor and intermittently discharged through a valve. Settled sludge cannot recontaminate the treated water. The solids move perpendicular to the flow of water, eliminating particle re-entrainment completely.

All our separators are custom built with respect to the number of plates in the pack, the length of the plates, the distance between the plates and the plate inclination. The number and the length of plates are determined as a function of the raw water flow rate to be processed in the separator. The distance between the plates is depending on the concentration of solids/sludge in the raw water. The inclination of the plates is set between 45 and 60 degrees, depending on the general nature of the solids (density, viscosity, concentration).

All systems are standard constructed in AISI 304, executed with either a shaftless spiral conveyor or a slanted sludge compartment at the base.