Pipe Flocculators, type RPF

The RPF flocculator is characterised by the plug flow principle. The retention time is almost uniform and the mixing energy in the cross-section of the pipe is constant. In this way, all particles in the flocculator are subjected to a completely equal mixing energy.

The flocculator features dosing points, followed by a mixing compartment that generates, by turbulence, exactly the right amount of mixing energy. Sample valves allow monitoring the effect of each addition and directly shows the result. This way the system is simple to control and can be adapted to any kind of coagulation, flocculation and flotation. Coagulation and flocculation takes place under controlled circumstances which results, together with the constant retention time and mixing energy, in a uniform flock with excellent separation characteristics.

The flocculator is also ideal for inline pH correction and for the addition of part of the air/water mixture to pre-aerate the flow making flotation even more effective.