Oil/Water Separators

Separation of oil and suspended solids from refinery and allied water effluents by means of "plate pack" modules, working by gravity separation between spaced corrugated plates, is proven technology. Since its' introduction, we continued the development of the tilted plate interceptor, stimulated by years of experience and feedback from users.

The particles separation velocity is calculated using Stokes law, remembering that it implies sphere shaped oil globules and laminar flow conditions. Physical laws canít be changed, but many improvements concerning modular easy accessible plate packs, flow distribution, oil skimming devices, sediment discharge devices etc. were made. Especially in the case of large oily water flows, it is important to distribute the flow equally over all plate packs. Depending on the application, counter-current flow or cross flow plate packs in stainless steel or plastic are applied.

In the course of passing the plate pack from inlet to outlet, the oil floats upwards into the corrugations of the plates and rises up the surface of the separator, where it is removed by a skimmer. If the flow is composed of process water and run-off water, both oil and sand or other sediment may be expected. Our oil/water separators can be supplied with either a conical shaped base or a slanted base with sediment auger to cope sediment.

All oil/water separators are standard constructed in stainless steel, however other materials are available on request and complete modules can be supplied to be built in concrete tanks.