Mini Batch System

The "Mini Batch" chemical/physical treatment process has been designed in particular for the separation of very fine and light suspended particles from industrial process water. Materials like suspended dyes and particles from the processing of concrete, glass and natural stone are pre-treated and separated in a very efficient process. The process used for these specific applications accommodates flocculation, sedimentation of flocculated materials and concentration of the settled solids. The quality of the treated process water allows recycling as "clean" process water or discharge in a sewer or surface water.

The polluted process water is pumped into a Poly Ethylene tank, which serves as a buffer/equalisation tank, in which a mixer is mounted. When the tank volume exceeds a preset level the mixer starts and flocculation of, often colloidal, suspended materials is achieved by dosing flocculant into the feed pipe of the tank.

After a preset mixing time the flocculated water is pumped by means of a submersible pump into the settling tank. This tank is executed with a conical base to enhance settling and sludge thickening. During the settling process a clear water layer, supernatant, is formed and after finalising the preset settling period, this clear water layer is discharged via a pneumatic operated valve.

The pre-dewatered sludge is discharged from the settling tank to the "Big Bag" thickener through a pneumatic operated valve. Two (2) to four (4) batches can be treated hourly, dependent on the type of solids and concentration in the raw influent.