Livestock Truck Washing System

The washing area is made with slopes in two directions. This double slope makes the washing of the livestock trucks easier. The cleaning itself is done with medium water pressure and a relatively high amount of water. The pressure washer flushes the dirt quick and easily out of the truck and it flows almost directly into the sieve system.

The dirt flows directly to the bottom of the sieve conveyor. Here particles larger than 0,5 mm are retained by the sieve and then transported up a chute with a sieve conveyor and subsequently dropped in a container.

For an optimal draining of the filtered material two sieves are necessary, one on the bottom of the conveyor and one in the ascending part of the chute.

Heated hose reel cabinet
The closed stainless steel hose reel cabinet comprises a hose reel with approx. 20 m hose and a hose spray gun. The reel cabinet is fitted with insulation and a thermostat controlled heating system which prevents the hose reel from freezing in the winter.
Part of the supply of the hose reel cabinet is a pressure pump with flow detection and an electrical cabinet. These parts have to be installed in a frost-free area.

The advantages of the Sieve Conveyor System are:

  • It removes the dirt from the livestock truck (saw dust, straw, manure, stones etc.) before it can settle in the pump pit or drainage pipes. Our Sieve Conveyor System solves the “blockage” problem of nearly every truck wash system once and for all. 
  • The patented construction of the sieve conveyor prevents it from being blocked by ropes, plastics, straw, sticks and stones etc.
  • The sieves have a fine slot width (0,5 mm) that also remove a lot of the fine particles. 
  • The sieves have wedge wire plates which make blockage of the sieve very unlikely.
  • By using the action of gravity for transporting the dirt, the energy consumption of the system is extremely low. The conveyor is equipped with a 0,75 kW motor.