Flume System

The flume system is developed for instantly removal of all vegetable cuttings and waste of the production departments concerned in the fresh cut industry.

This ingenious and robust transport system is installed in the factory floor underneath the production lines. The flumes transport the cuttings from the Low Care and the High Care area to a central waste discharge area and discharge them into a container within a couple of minutes.

The advantages of the flume system are: 

  • It removes all by-products and waste instantly from the production area. The production floor is always clean, thus improving the standard of hygiene in the production area.
  • The energy and labour costs of the system are minimal.
  • The flume system makes messy transport belts, dirty overhead vacuum systems or forklift trucks for waste disposal superfluous.
  • The time necessary for cleaning reduces dramatically.
  • The vegetable washing water is used for the transport of the waste in the flumes; the flume system therefore requires no extra water supply.
  • The instant removal and the short contact time between the water and the product prevents the leaching of the vegetable waste and so reduces the dissolved waste load in the water to a minimum.
  • There are no heating / cooling losses as caused by a vacuum system.
  • The ordinary floor or sewage drain system is no longer required, the flume system takes its place.