Flotation Units, type KWF

The KWF flotation units are extremely compact and make use of plate pack technology for removing suspended solids, oil, fat, grease and other dispersed and/or flocculated materials with micro flotation. Corrugated plate packs increase the internal surface, which results in improved separation efficiency against smaller required floor space.

The KWF is equipped with a very effective micro aeration system and a stainless steel sediment auger installed over the entire base of the unit to remove sand and other settled materials.

The design of the KWF range is based on avoiding any hydraulic disturbances, achieving an absolute stable and laminar flow throughout the entire unit. Depending on the application, several saturation systems can be applied for the formation of a super saturated water/air mixture.


  • automatic aeration system;
  • construction materials other than standard AISI 304;
  • hinged cover with ventilation connection;
  • stairs and catwalk;
  • automatic scraper cleaning system.