Biological Treatment System, type MBR

In a Membrane Bio Reactor a combination of a biological treatment process and a membrane filtration unit is used. The biological treatment process can be aerobe, anoxic or anaerobe. A MBR is suitable for the purification of industrial as well as communal wastewater.

In a conventional biological treatment system the wastewater is separated from the active sludge by a settler. In a Membrane Bio Reactor the separation takes place by membranes. Therefore substantially higher sludge concentrations (10 to 18 g/l) and smaller reactor volumes can be used compared to the conventional treatment systems.


  • Continue discharge of the purified water, 24 hours per day.
  • High degree of reliability due to 100% separation of active sludge and water.
  • No unsolved particles in the treated water.
  • Small footprint of the aeration basin compared to conventional treatment installations with identical capacity.
  • Very high COD/BOD reduction, up to 99,9%.
  • Water is suitable for re-use after a relative simple final treatment step.