The windshifter can be applied for al dry waste types. The windshifter separates the input material based on density and form.

The unique feature of the windshifter is its flexibility because of the many settings.
The windshifters consist of 3 important elements. Together with the frequency controlled speed of the feeding conveyor the windshifter has 6 settings that make the machine unique and flexible.

  • Continuous changeable air speed;
  • Air direction, adjustable;
  • The separation element with 3 different settings.

The RSB windshifter

  • Fed by a conveyor.

The RST windshifter

  • With integrated vibrating table.

The dual lane windshifter / 3D windshifter
With separate double material feed and separate air treatment in one machine. Depending on the input material and material size a small screen or windshifter will be applied for pre-separation. Deliverable as part of the installation or as single machine, in stationary, mobile or semi-mobile execution.

The advantages of the windshifter:

  • high availability;
  • high capacity;
  • low maintenance cost;
  • compact;
  • low energy consumption;
  • solid.