Sorting Cabins

Sorting cabins are used to separate different fractions like wood, ferrous, non-ferrous and plastics manually. It consists of picking belts and drop hoppers.
The belts in a sorting cabin can be used for the positive and negative picking. Positive picking means that one picks the end product from the picking belt. This is mostly done for the oversized fractions (i.e. >100 mm).

Negative picking means the last bit of pollution is removed from a product (i.e. plastics removed from wood) after most of the pollution has been removed automatically. This is done on a so-called inspection belt.

The sorting cabins can be equipped with electro pneumatic operated flaps in the drop hopper to prevent unwanted air flows and to block the hoppers when the bay below is emptied.
Sorting cabins can be supplied with heating, air-conditioning and overpressure systems.