Deposit Hoppers

The deposit hoppers are designed to continuously and steadily feed various kinds of material. They fead materials like construction and demolition waste, industrial and commercial waste, household waste, organic waste, compost, dry recyclables etc.
Functioning of the deposit hoppers 
The deposit hoppers are primarily used as a feeding system for a sorting line, a washing line or for windshifters. The deposit hoppers can be loaded by a front loader or grab. They can be equipped with a walking floor or with a dosing conveyor belt, which is suitable for frequency control. The chosen material of the slats of the walking floor depends on the material. The conveyor belt can be supported on the total length with impact rollers to protect the belt during loading of heavy materials like demolition and construction waste.


  • continuous and steady material supply to system;
  • suitable for different materials;
  • low maintenance costs;
  • strong construction (long life);
  • suitable for set-up both inside and outside.
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