The importance of conveyors is often underestimated. They feed and connect the different sorting machines in an installation and discharge the products. If these conveyors do not function properly, the separation results of the machinery are affected negatively.

Reliable and no clogging
The conveyors ensure that the sorting equipment is fed with the right material, speed and spread. The construction is such, that even the finest material does not clog the conveyor. The risk of misalignment is therefore reduced to a minumun.

Applicable from dry recycables up to construction and demolition waste
The conveyors can be applied for many waste types. In case of very heavy material the feeding and discharge section of the belt are reinforced by impact bars or impact rollers. The transport of very heavy materials like concrete blocks is therefore no problem!

Advantages of the conveyors:
• very solid;
• low maintenance cost, easy maintenance;
• reinforced feeding and discharge sections;
• optimal security measures;
• high side skirts;
• protected return-rollers.