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Energy from Waste

No matter how hard you try to sort your waste, residual waste is always left over. When waste incineration is combined with energy generation (also referred to as waste-to-energy), residual waste can be put to good use as a source of energy. This sustainable means of generating energy is a valuable alternative to energy from fossil fuels. Once again, We implement energy-efficient methods which are accompanied by the lowest possible CO2 emissions.

Most effective solution

Incineration residues are left over when waste is burnt in incineration plants. Most of these residues are put to good use. For instance, bottom ash is used as a foundation material in road building; fly ash is incorporated into e.g. asphalt and scrap metal is used in the metal industry.

Around 85% of incinerator residues are used to good effect. This means you will always find the best possible solution for your specific situation. Your production process will continue to run at full speed and your waste will be recycled efficiently at the lowest possible cost.

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