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Waste Solutions

Let’s make more value from waste 

Waste is a raw material. Of course, you already know this because our waste flows are packed with valuable materials. If these materials are reused, fewer raw materials are needed and less waste is sent to the incinerator or to landfill. The more effectively these materials are sorted, the higher their reuse value and the higher your efficiency.


Tailor-made solutions for your waste flows

Since the mid-Nineties, we have been developing, producing and installing complete sorting lines for a variety of waste flows. Our sorting lines distil these waste flows so materials are given a second life; such materials include various types of plastics, metal, wood, paper, sand and stone. Our experience ensures we always develop the smartest and most efficient sorting lines. This eventually results in an extremely high percentage of processed waste being reused. In some case, this can even exceed 98%!

A variety of clients

Our specialised (sector) knowledge and experience means we have worked for a variety of clients over the years. For instance, our references come from diverse sectors, like construction and demolition waste, industrial and commercial waste and household waste. Our applications are also found in the food and vegetable industry.