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Bioresource Solutions Reuse of Vegetables, Fruit and Garden Waste

The purification of wastewater is becoming an increasingly important area of focus for food producers. For example, energy or raw materials can be extracted from fruit, vegetables and garden waste.

High-quality wastewater purification systems

We develop high-quality wastewater purification systems that allow energy to be generated from the water purification process. For instance, it is possible to create compost, which can in-turn be used as a natural source of nutrition in the horticultural and farming industries. This is very efficient and environment-friendly.

Bioresource Solutions

We produce tailor-made bioresource solutions for the food and vegetable processing industry. Our techniques allow leftovers from the food and vegetable processing industry to be converted into reusable products.

Such sources of raw materials include onion skin, spinach and water lentils. Our technology allows you to harvest new high quality raw materials that can be used for new products and processes.

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